Learning and Development Grants for Macmillan Professionals

Important Update - Group Grants

Group grants will continue to be suspended for 2020. If you are looking for funding for an activity that may have been supported via a group grant,  please do look at the external funding portal, which you can access from your grant profile page where you can research other sources of funding.

Individual grant applications will continue to be accepted as usual. 


Macmillan recognises the importance of supporting the learning and development of both Macmillan professionals and the wider cancer workforce with the aim of improving the lives of people living with cancer.

The provision of L&D grants is one of the ways we promote access to learning, in addition to the provision of courses, e-learning and coaching.  The grants programme has been designed to enable you to access programmes that Macmillan does not provide directly that will enhance your professional,  service and career development.

Please note that grants may not be used for learning which is a mandatory, legal or core requirement of your role. It is your employer’s responsibility to provide this.  For example, clinical supervision cannot be provided through a Macmillan L&D Grant.

All grants are funded solely by charitable donations. Please ensure your application represents effective and efficient use of these funds.

If you are unsure whether the learning you wish to apply for is mandatory or a core requirement, please speak to your local Macmillan Learning and Development team before you apply.


Top Tips

L&D Grants Policy

Application Criteria: General

Additional Application Criteria: Individual Grants



Read the Expenses Policy. Updated January 2020 so please check as changes have been made since you may have applied for your grant.

Submitting an Application

Decision Making



An evaluation will be undertaken with you 3 months after completion of your learning. You are required to complete this evaluation as a condition of the grant being approved. In some cases this will include the provision of a case study, which may be published on LearnZone to illustrate the impact of the learning undertaken. Please note that further grant applications will not be considered until the evaluation has been completed and approved within the required timeframe. The approval of other grant applications made in the interim period may also be withdrawn.

Approvals and Declines

We want to support you in submitting the best grant application you can, ensuring the greatest chance of having your learning and development supported by Macmillan.

We currently decline over 20% of applications, and we need your help in reducing that number. The main reasons we decline applications are:


Support with your application

For help with the application process, e.g. if you encounter any technical issues when completing the online form