Learning and Development Grants for Macmillan Professionals

Welcome to the new and improved grants system. If you are an existing user please read the guidance in step one of the application process to access the system. If you are a new user please read all guidance.

Macmillan provides individual and group grants to support the learning and development of both Macmillan professionals and the team in which they work.

Individual grants can be used to attend relevant conferences and courses which support your role and career development as a Macmillan professional.

Group grants can be used to provide bespoke development support for whole teams. Only the applicant needs to be a Macmillan professional.

Travel and Accommodation Expenses

Travel and accommodation expenses should not be claimed as part of your L&D Grant application: please see the travel and accommodation expenses policy for more information.


Read our L&D Grants Policy before starting a new application.

Application Process

  • Step 1
    You will need to create a profile. You only need to do this once, but can edit your profile at any time if your details change. You can set your own password, allowing you to log-in and create your grant application.

    Please do not create more than one profile. If you are an existing user and previously used an access key or can’t remember your password please click the ‘reset your password’ button and provide the email address you used. You will then get an email from the system with a link to reset your password. You will need to ensure your profile is complete and up to date before you can submit any applications.

    Please note we are no longer using Access Keys.

  • Step 2
    Complete your application for your L&D Individual or Group grant, ensuring you attach the relevant supporting evidence.

  • Step 3
    Submit your application. You will receive email confirmation of receipt, explaining when you will hear if your application has been successful.

Top Tips

  • The deadline for receipt of completed applications for courses starting by the 1st of the following month is the 15th of each month. E.g. If your courses starts on or after the 1st April, the last closing date for your application is the 15th March. We recommend you submit your application by 15th February at the latest in this case so you have time to resubmit if your application is declined.

    For example:
    Course Start Date Final Application Deadline Preferred Application Deadline
    June 1st 15th May 15th March or April

  • You must attach evidence of the course you are applying for to enable us to assess your application. The evidence must be official documentation from the provider, and should clearly outline the course details, dates, costs you are claiming for, and provider contact details. Save your evidence as a word document or PDF and please note that we do not accept hyperlinks to websites as evidence as this does not meet our audit requirements.

  • Occasionally technical issues arise where your work IT system may prevent you from completing your application. If you encounter problems, please try submitting your application from a different computer, such as from home. In most cases this resolves the problem. For this reason, please aim to complete your application a few days before the 15th of the month deadline to avoid any delays with your application.

Support with your Application

We aim to provide you with the support you need to submit a successful application. If you need help at any stage of the application process, please use the following to help you: