Learning and Development Grants for Macmillan Professionals

Macmillan provides individual and group grants to support the learning and development of both Macmillan professionals and the wider cancer workforce. Access the grants programme to support your personal, service and career development.

Travel and Accommodation Expenses

Travel and accommodation expenses should not be claimed as part of your L&D Grant application: please see the travel and accommodation expenses policy for more information.

Please note, you should always aim to attend the course or conference locally wherever possible to keep costs to a minimum.

Read our L&D Grants Policy - 2014 before starting a new application.

Application Process

  • Step 1
    You will need to create a profile. You only need to do this once, but can edit your profile at any time if your details change. You will receive an email confirmation giving you an access key, allowing you to log-in and create your grant application.

    Please do not create more than one profile. If you lose your access key, simply use the Reset your Access Key link.

  • Step 2
    Complete your application for your L&D Individual or Group grant, ensuring you attach the relevant supporting evidence.

  • Step 3
    Submit your application. You will receive email confirmation of receipt, explaining when you will hear if your application has been successful.

Top Tips

  • The deadline for receipt of completed applications is 15th of each month. We recommend you allow 2 weeks before the closing date to start your application.
  • If possible save your evidence as a word document and please note that we do not accept hyperlinks to websites as evidence.
  • Ensure your evidence covers key course information, such as learning outcomes, start and finish dates, costs and contact details for the provider.
  • For any advice on course suitability, please contact your local LDM.
  • Expenses cannot be claimed for via the L&D grants application - you must read and follow the expenses policy separately. Including expense claims in your L&D grants application will result in the application being declined.
  • The proposed activity cannot start in the same month as the application submission date. Retrospective applications will not be processed.
  • We are aware that some applicants are experiencing technical issues with the system and are working on resolving these problems. In the mean time, please contact us on the details below if you need assistance.